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One-Half Up
Management System

The One-Half Up Management System is a very popular positive progression system. The system advocates that bettors do not increase their bets until they win two bets in a row.

After winning two bets in a row, bettors are advised to keep increasing their bet by one half of the original bet. Here is an example.

First bet, a $10 bet and you win. You are now even with the original bet and you don't progress yet.

Second bet, the same as the origninal bet - $10, and you win again. You now have a profit of $10.

Third bet is equal to the second bet plus half ($10 + $5 = $15). You are progressing but you still have a profit of $5.

If you win the $15 bet your next bet is $20 (equal to the third bet plus half of the original bet). If you lose you go back to your original $5 bet. It's a simple as that!