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Revenge Sports Betting Systems

Another popular sports betting system is called the Revenge System. You guessed it right, sports betting revenge systems are based on revenge (not the murderous sort though).

A Major League Baseball (MLB) season is 162 games long. The National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Hockey League (NHL) both have an 82-game season. With so many games on the schedule and road trips all around the US crammed in about 8 months, it's both physically and mentally impossible for a team or player to be motivated for every single game.

Top professional sports teams win about 60% of their games. On the other hand, worst teams will only win around 40% of their games.

In the NBA, it's fairly common to see elite teams win about 75% of their games, while lottery bound teams will typically win less than 30% of their games.

A key angle that sports bettors look out for is when teams are "up" for a game or when a team is expected to give that "extra effort" which involve being previously humiliated by their opponent and "having something to prove".

The Quick Revenge System

The Quick Revenge System advocates looking for teams that are playing at home. Particularly those that were previously defeated by the same team they are going up against today. The logic is simple - a team that was humiliated in front of the home fans will most likely want to play better and embarrass the visiting team.

The Quick Revenge System requires only one thing - the home team must be the favorite for the game. This ensures that the team you are betting on is relatively comparable in skill to the team they just lost to.

For example, if the Boston Red Sox travel to Washington and beat the Nationals by a score of 10-4 in the first game of a series, the Nationals will most likely be extremely motivated to win the next game. However, they may not have the talent to compete with the Red Sox and Boston is likely to be favored in all three games. Therefore, Washington is not a play under the Quick Revenge System.

Another example, in the NBA finals, the Los Angeles Lakers travel to Cleveland and beat the Cavaliers by a score of 120-98 in the third game of the best of seven series, the Cavaliers will most likely be extremely motivated to win the next game. The Cavaliers have the talent to compete with the Lakers and Cleveland is likely to be favored in game four. Therefore, the Cleveland is the perfect bet under the Quick Revenge System.

The Quick Revenge System makes sense for the simple reason that you are betting on a team that is highly motivated. Plus you are getting a slight advantage in the odds.