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There are thousands of NFL betting systems out there, and here is one that stands out above the rest. It is easy to learn and simple to implement. The only downside is that it usually offers one play a season. Moreover, there were several seasons without a single play.

Let's Christen this NFL Betting system as the "Gridiron Pick'em System." Simply bet against any NFL team that has scored 30 or more points in the previous two straight games, while allowing 10 or fewer points, provided the team is playing a non-divisional opponent. That's all there is to it.

For example, on week one, the Cowboys scored 35 points against Detroit while limiting the lions to just a field goal (3 points). On Week two, the Cowboys blasted the Chiefs with 31 points while limiting Kansas City to one touch down (7 points).

Week three, the Cowboys are going up against the Vikings. Dallas is on a roll right? They're blowing out opponents like crazy! Based on this system, the play is on the Vikings.

This system only one play in 2008, which was a rare loser on the Washington Redskins +6 against Baltimore, as the Ravens won 24-10.

There was just one play in 2007, which was an easy winner with the Buffalo Bills +10 against Dallas. The Bills led nearly the entire game before self-destructing at the very end and Dallas won 25-24 on a 53-yard field goal by Nick Folk on the final play of the game.

In 2006 there was also one play - Arizona +12 over Chicago. Arizona led 20-0 at the half, only to see the Bears storm back for a 24-23 victory. Arizona coach Denny Green was so infuriated that his post-game rant became the basis of a commercial.

Since 1989 this system has gone 11-0, so while there aren't too many plays, they have come through in the past. Naturally, that isn't any guarantee that any plays in the coming seasons will be winning ones, but it is certainly the sunny side to be on.