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Totals Betting System

One of the oldest totals betting systems around is also the simplest to implement - just bet "under" in the game with the lowest posted "over/under" total on the board, provided there is a minimum of four games being played.

For example, if the following games are being played on any given night:

Atlanta 198
New York - 12

Cleveland -2
Orlando 192.5

Phoenix 197.5
Portland -3

San Antonio -5
Detroit 199

LA Lakers 185
Houston -4.5

The bet would be to wager on under in the Lakers - Rockets game, as the "over/under" of 185 is lower than any of the other posted totals.

This Totals betting system makes can be pretty effective since most sports bettors prefer to bet "over" since it is usually more enjoyable to root for scoring. Meanwhile, sports bettors are less likely to bet "under" with such a low total.

Sports bettors generally have the advantage when betting against the public.

Pick some NBA games in the coming season and try without your bankroll. See if this Totals betting system is for you.