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MLB and Baseball Betting Systems

Of all the sports, baseball is the one that sees its teams go through more peaks and valleys than any other. There are more winning or losing streaks in baseball than in all of the other sports, and the primary difference between the good teams and the teams battling to stay out of the cellar, is that the good teams are able to minimize their losing streaks, and that is the focus of this simple betting system.

The system went 24-13 last year, but with one basic addition, was good for a 33-17 record. We'll discuss several ways to use the system, and bettors can determine which method works best for them.

The Basic Baseball Betting System

The basic premise of the system is to bet on any team with a winning percentage of .470 or greater if it is a home favorite of more than -110 and has lost its last three games as a home favorite of -110 or greater.

Teams in that situation posted a 24-13 record in their next game, but of the 13 losers, nine of them came back to win their following game in that situation. A bettor backing a team after a system loss would then be 33-17.

Other bettors will use some sort of "double up" betting system and treat each situation as a win or loss, and will continue to wager on teams meeting the system criteria until showing a profit. Using that type of betting strategy did produce a 37-0 record, with just one team needing four attempts before getting the elusive victory. Still, it's not always wise to be chasing losses and the biggest drawback is that one unsuccessful sequence can eat away most, if not all, of the profits earned during the season.

Even if using some sort of progressive betting system, I wouldn't back a team for more than three consecutive times and I would also keep my original wagers on the small side, such as half a unit.

Keeping track of teams that fall into this system shouldn't take more than several minutes a day and it is something that baseball bettors should be aware of.