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Lay Betting System

All of the bets we've come to know in horse racing depends on the horse winning the race or coming in second or third place, etc.

But with the introduction of betting exchanges, horse punters can now offer odds on horse to win, and hence profit when they lose. It's just like being a bookie.

To lay a horse you need to fund the payout if it wins. For example, if you wanted to lay a horse at 10-1 and you had $200 in your account, you would be able to take bets up to a total stake of $20.

Of course if you are laying an odds on 1/2 shot you could take $400 of bets at 1/2 with the same $200. If the horse wins, you lose your $200, but if it loses then you win $400.

The Beauty of Laying

Lay betting system advocates argue that any race, only one horse can win. This means that every other horse in the same race can loose. They also claim that race favorites lose 2 out of 3 races.

Furthermore, they say that whenever a favorite has a really good chance of winning, the odds plummet leaving you with very little profit if the horse does win.